24 January 2012

A Lomo View On...

Lomography is one of my favourite hobbies and it's bizarre that I hardly ever discuss it on my blog. I'm now entering my forth year as a "lomosapien" with a brand new camera to play with so I thought for 2012 I would start a series of blog posts showcasing some of my favourite shots taken by my little army of cameras over the years.

This was my very first shot with my very first (and favourite) camera the Fisheye 2. This was taken at Seaworld in San Diego in 2009 and even after the hundreds of photos I've taken with it this still is one of my favourite photos I've ever taken with it. After I got my first roll of film developed by this camera and seeing the amazing images it produced I was pretty much hooked on lomography and wanted to try out more cameras!

I then purchased a Baby Holga and a Superheadz Ikimono Harinezumi which were tiny pocket sized cameras but unfortunately I don't have many shots from either of these cameras as the 110 film they both took was retired shortly after I bought them and became increasingly hard to find so I ended up selling them for my next camera...

When I purchased my Baby Holga I also got a Disderi Robot 3 Lense camera which was originally intended as a gift to my nephew, however when he decided he didn't want it I though I would experiment with it myself and despite the fact that I don't use it as much as my other cameras I still have it and always take it on holidays with me, this year I have vowed to use this camera more because it gives such interesting pictures.

The Holga CMY was the last camera I purchased as I had always wanted a "real" Holga so when it arrived I was extremely excited to try it out however as much as I loved this camera I was never really happy with the shots I took with it and it became increasingly expensive to develop the 120 film from it so I finally decided to bid farewell to my dear Holga and save up for another camera...

This is the newest addition to my Lomo family, a Diana Mini en Rose, which was a lovely Christmas gift from my dad. I've already taken a handful of shots with it and will be taking it on a few outings to play with so am very excited to see what the shots will turn out like. Lomography has so many amazing and cute cameras now it's hard to choose which one to get but for the time being I'm having fun with Diana Mini and will be sure to share some of my favourite shots with you once I get them developed.

Lomo Love & 35mm Hugs
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