02 January 2012

2012: Time to Start Fresh and Be a Better Me!

by Toshi
 For the past few weeks I've been thinking to myself what I would like to achieve in 2012 and the usual things like stop eating junk food, drop 10lbs, save money and be organised have cropped up on the list but these all seem a little shallow to me. My overall goal for 2012 is just to be a better person, a person that I would be proud to know and can admire, so here are a few things I'm going to try to do to hopefully help me achieve that goal.

by Elise
Take better care of myself
Instead of the usual exercise everyday, eat vegetables, make sure I take my make-up off before I go to bed or get at least 8 hours rest a night resolutions which seem to go out the window 3 days in I thought this one would cover all the above and be a more realistic achievement. It's all about looking after yourself, not getting too stressed out, and allowing yourself to indulge every now and again be that with a delicious cupcake, half an hour of meditation or a long country walk and hopefully by being in better health and having a more positive outlook this vibe will infect those around me in positive ways.

by Cat MacBride
Create a better business
I've had my little Etsy shop for nearly three years, it started as just a little side hobby for me it has slowly began to grow so I would love to turn it into a more viable source of income (or possibly career) for me especially during these hard economic times. My crafts are something I'm very proud of and now I'm getting help crafting from my wonderful nanna (my first employee!) I think I might be able to turn it into something bigger and better.

by Savannah Mae
Never stop exploring and doing new things
I had a little knock back in 2011 and it kinda put me off exploring for a little while up until my dad suggested a little getaway to Iceland a country I've been dreaming about visiting for most my life and it ended up being  everything and more than I ever imagined it to be. I've had bad moments travelling and some new experiences were downright stupid and terrifying but overall the good far outweighs the bad and I know that even through those bad times that I can survive and should never be discouraged. Travel really does broaden the mind and open new doors so I should never be closed off to these experiences!

by Joe Miller
Be more charitable.
I think I'm already a reasonably charitable person but I always think that there is more that we can do to help our world, I do tend to get more charitable around the holiday season but I think that effort should extend to all year round and I should help out more where possible be it buying more charitable items, donating or volunteering, I'd also like to use my Etsy shop to once again help raise money and awareness for charities as I once did in the past it's something I really enjoyed and definitely give me a reason to be more pro-active when it comes to my crafts.

by Ruth
Be more considerate of my purchases.
This is probably the goal I'm most likely to break, admittedly I don't splurge that often but when I do my poor bank account doesn't know what's hit it! After being on a beauty ban I'm definitely more concious of the amount of beauty products I own and when it comes to clothing I now keep lists of the items that I need and stalk sale sections to see if I can get some great bargains. But this isn't all about saving money this is also about buying from more independent designers, sourcing more eco friendly natural items and supporting smaller businesses, when I spend my money I want it to go to the right places and if that means giving up those larger cheaper chain stores then so be it!

Do you have your goals all set out for 2012?
Love & Sparkly Hugs

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