07 January 2012

The Frequent Flyer: Bobbing Along at The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, like most places in Iceland, is such mystical, beautiful place and the number one stop off for most people visiting Iceland. Surrounded by snow filled fields and mountains the steam from this naturally heated geothermal lagoon seems to appear as if by magic from out of nowhere!

Once you take off your robes and make a quick dash across the icy boards and set foot into those lovely blue waters you never want to get out! It was below freezing outside but those waters were so warm and comforting making your frozen toes and that dash across the boards in nothing but your swimwear all worth it.

It's hard to believe that the water is really that blue but it really, truly is despite the fact that it's black at the bottom! There were also boxes filled with silica mud surrounding the lagoon which you could use free of charge to cover yourself in and gain the benefits of all those natural minerals and I have to say my skin really did feel better and much cleaner after swimming around covered in mud for a couple hours.

Of course after a couple of hours bobbing about in those blue waters you being to get a strange form of head freeze and icicles even begin to form in your hair so it's time to get out get showered and get changed, I wished I could have stayed in those waters for a bit longer but I really was turning into a wrinkly prune from being in there for so long.

A nice hot chocolate was a welcome treat and a good way to defrost afterwards and before I left I raided the gift store for some mud and scrubs to bring home with me. It was such a great way to relax for a couple hours and being in those nice blue warm waters, surrounded by snowy mountains, seeing the sun rising was such a surreal but wonderful experience it was definitely one of those moments that really make you see just how amazing our natural world is.

Love & Bubbles

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