04 December 2011

A Very Merry Holiday Wishlist

December is here and the holiday celebrations have already started, in the words of Perry Como "It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas". It's the season of giving and I've already sent a few gifts out to friends and family across the pond and I've got lots more gift bags ready to give out to those more local in a couple weeks time. I've been that busy gift shopping that I haven't even thought about what to gift myself this year so here are a few things I'll be dreaming about this Christmas.

 Alexander McQueen Hand Embroidered Silk Chiffon Dress
Definitely THE dress of my dreams it looks like it has come straight out of a winter wonderland, I just love all the attention to detail this dress had and the sense of winter regalia it gives, priced at over £16,000 this is one dress that's likely to remain in my dreams but wow is it a beautiful creation to dream about.

Christmas Lush Stuff
I know, I know I'm currently on a beauty ban but the Lush Christmas stuff is just so irresistible, I love all the sparkly bath bombs they have and the warm yummy holiday scented soaps and gels, they make a nice hot bath on a winter's day feel even better!

Longclaw, Jon Snow's Sword from A Song of Ice and Fire
Winter is Coming and I can't think of a better nerdy gift for myself, I'm well an truly obsessed with Game of Thrones and the Song of Ice and Fire series (more to come on this obsession soon!) and the Night's Watch is one of my favourite aspects of the book, but anyway enough of my geekiness just look that this magnificent weapon how freakin' bad ass would this look in the Batcave‽

Handmade Floral Crown
I've been meaning to craft myself one of these for the longest time but can never find the time (or the flowers) so this might be one of those occasions when I'm better off just buying one. I love floral crowns and although they tend to be thought as more of a summer accessory I think they can look pretty festive to.

Disney Couture Minnie Mawi Necklace
Disney Couture have made yet another necklace which I've fallen in love with and I honestly can't think of a necklace more perfect for me, the colour combination of pink and black is my absolute favourite and I just love how chic and stylish it looks, Minnie would be proud!

Hello Kitty Fuji Instax
This is another camera which reigns high on my wishlist (second only to the Diana Mini) I've always wanted an instant camera as have a soft spot for analogue. The Fuji Instax comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but of course it's the Hello Kitty one which has caught my eye and you can even buy special Hello Kitty and Disney film to go with it, how cute is that?

Teatime Treats
I'm the type of person who likes a biscuit with my afternoon tea which I suppose makes me very stereotypically British in a way but I always try to make time for an afternoon cuppa and at Christmas time I always make it a bit more special and break out the festive china, holiday brew and biscuits, however, I broke my festive teapot and cup earlier this year (after 5 long years of service) so this beautiful set from my favourite tea company Whittard's would make the perfect festive treat.

What have you guys got on your Christmas lists for Santa this year?
Love & Snowflakes

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