21 December 2011

The Perfect Cup of Tea

As a little pre-Christmas treat I decided to order myself a bunch of new teas to try from Teapigs. This was my first order from Teapigs although I've heard really good things about them and with flavours like popcorn and crème caramel it was hard to resist.

There was a slight hiccup in my order which meant it wasn't shipped when it was supposed to be but after a quick email to the company they resolved the problem, promptly sent my parcel out to me and even included a few extra samples for me to try to apologise for the wait.

Tea is pretty much my drink of choice especially in the colder months there's nothing quite like a nice hot cup of tea to warm your insides and your fingers up and this tea was particular delicious. Out of all the samples I've tried what is most noticeable is the freshness it has, not only is it warming but it really quenches your thirst and you can really taste those different flavours, the crème caramel was creamy, the super fruit super fruity, the chai suitably spicy, the winter tea like a cup of Christmas all very delicious and very flavourful!

I'm a Teapigs convert, this is really good tea and I love the little serving suggestions it has for each of the brews I've tried all the them in multiple ways alone or with milk or a dollop of honey or splash of brandy each has it's own unique way to be served. I totally recommend them to all my fellow tea drinkers as there is something for everyone and they're a real treat to, the perfect thing to warm you up on a cold winter's day!

Love & Tea

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