22 July 2011

Magic, Acrobatics, Flying & Explosions: Batman Live

Batman Live started its world tour this week and I was lucky enough to go see it, this is something I have been looking forward to seeing since I first heard about it last year! Unlike the infamous Broadway Spiderman production this isn't some cheesy musical, it's a live action stage show AKA Cirque-du-Batman.

The storyline follows the story of Dick Grayson and how he becomes Robin which makes a nice change from the Batman centric stories we're all used to hearing, lets not forget there is more than one hero in Gotham! So the tale may not be exactly as it's told in comics but it does a pretty good job of showing the Batman Robin relationship and Dick's reasons for becoming Robin, let's not forget this is only a 2 hour show so not a lot of time for a complete Bat-history lesson.

So as you've guessed by now yes I am a Batman fan and not just because of my long time love affair with Christian Bale in fact if you're only a fan of The Dark Knight movies you probably won't like Batman Live however if like me you love the original comics, found appreciation in Burton's vision of Gotham and are a fan of the original 60's series then you'll enjoy the stage show.

Admittedly the first half of the show is rather slow placed and resembles more of a circus act than the kick-ass action we're used to from Batman but it does a great job of establishing the character of Dick Grayson and his relationship with Batman.

My favourite characters unsurprisingly were that of Harley Quinn and the Joker, they stayed true to their comic book form and injected that bit of madness, humour and magic that the show needed. Every hero needs a villain and Batman Live has more than its fair share although the Joker takes the lead role, some of the best and most creative scenes were the ones that involved the Joker although a special mention should go to the Scarecrow who totally creeped me out!

The actors are superb in this, each character is true to its original comic book form and although some of the costumes weren't the best choice (yes I'm looking at you Harley!) I found as I watched it it became less of an issue as I became more and more endeared to the characters on stage, I can honestly say I'm a little bit in love with Dick Grayson after seeing the show.

Batman Live is still in its very early stages this was only their second public performance, yes there were a few minor glitches, the fight scenes were a bit clumsy and needed a bit more onomatopoeic action and things still needed to be worked on but all in all it was a great performance and with time will definitely be something special. A lot thought went into creating this show and it definitely reflects the hard work and time the creative team put into creating a story and putting on a performance true to the original Batman story.

It was kinda sad that the arena wasn't packed full of people because this is a show that will do extremely well with a large audience and it certainly deserves one, even if you're not a comic book fan there's something in this show for everyone it's full of action, acrobats, explosions, magic and romance so if you get the chance I definitely recommend you go see it!

Love & Batarangs

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