19 July 2011

The Frequent Flyer: The Truth Is Out There

If you couldn't guess from the title of this post I'm a bit of a fan of The X-Files and as soon as saw I you could take a road trip from Las Vegas to Area 51 the geek in me could not resist going, I was on a mission to find the truth, aliens & UFO's

So I admit I'm not exactly a believer of UFO's and the "mysteries" of Area 51 but I've been interested in it for a long time, as a kid I would love reading about aliens and the supernatural which was mostly fulled by my ongoing obsession with sci-fi movies and TV shows.

I love that everything in Rachel is alien themed, the road in to it is called the extraterrestrial highway, there's an Alien Research Center, they sell "alien" jerky on the roadside and of course no visit is complete without a stop the famous Little A'Le'Inn

I honestly can't find the words to describe the Little A'Le'Inn it was well, an experience, and if you're looking for extraterrestrial life then you've definitely come to the right place! The place is covered in kitschy alienware which yes you can buy to take home with you and the world famous alien burger lets just say is not exactly what you would expect.

The Little A'Le'Inn has been featured in numerous TV shows and movies and more recently one of my favourite creations from Simon Pegg, Paul which is about two geeks on a road trip that run into an alien escapee from Area 51, sound familiar? Although we didn't exactly run into any aliens on our road trip.

Aside from the geeky alien stuff it was really great to see just how vast and open the Nevada dessert is, all you can see is open land for hundreds of miles in every direction which is in stark contrast to The Las Vegas Strip and something you never see in the UK as everywhere is so densely populated.

As Area 51 is a working military base you're not allowed past the the gates and there is no chance of you sneaking past either as as soon as we arrived at the gates an unmarked car was watching us from the hillside, so there was no hope of me breaking out the captive aliens inside *wink* but I did send them a note via the infamous "black" mailbox.

I had so much fun on this road trip even though I didn't meet any aliens it was great to see the places where some of my favourite movies and TV shows were inspired and it was a nice break from the craziness of the Las Vegas Strip, so if you're looking for something alternative for you to do when in you're in Vegas I totally recommend a road trip to Area 51!

Flying Saucers & Cactus

P.S. If you're looking to book your own adventure I totally recommend Adventure Photo Tours, I had an amazing time with them and our tour guide was such fun plus nobody got arrested and that's always a good thing!

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