25 July 2011

Daily Outfit: She Is Not Aloud A Rope

When I'm at home relaxing I normally just wear a tank and a pair of leggings and if it's cold (which more often than not it is) I'll throw on a cardigan or jumper, this is a typical outfit for me but one that I rarely venture outside in.

I think the main reason I hardly wear outfits like this out is because of the cold weather, leggings and vests aren't exactly the warmest of clothes but now the summer is here I have the chance to fully utilise my wardrobe.

I adore this vest by Amelia Arsenic, not only is if one of the comfiest things I own it's beautifully designed, I adore skull motifs and can't wait for Amelia to release more of her A is for Arsenic clothing line!

My Vivienne Westwood bow booties are officially the most worn shoes in my closet, I have literally walked for miles in these shoes, they're really comfy and durable to and even though I've had them a while they still smell like bubblegum!

Skull Tank Top - A is for Arsenic
Cardigan - Warehouse
Leggings - Sidecca
Boots - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Necklace - Tarina Tarantino

Love & Skulls

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