12 April 2011

Nice Things I've Acquired Lately

by Richmondsquarephotos
Today was going to be one of those rare days where I grab my camera and tripod and get some outfit pictures however our nice run of sunny weather seems to have run out as it's pouring with rain outside so instead I'm going to share with you a few of my recent purchases.

I've recently found a taste for vegan chocolate (aside from the kinder egg which is for my inner child) and have been raiding my local health food shop for these delicious treats. 9 Bar are currently my fave they make the perfect healthy snack and are full of all the good stuff and the Nakd bars are for my raw days when I have the urge for something sweet, healthy snacks all the way!

One of the sure fire ways to make you feel gorgeous again is go underwear shopping so I decided to raid the ASOS sale section to find myself some new sexy undies, I immediately fell in love with the silky monotone set and the blue sequin set and I'm happy to say they're just as gorgeous and sexy in real life as they are online, so much so I'm tempted to do a Madonna and wear my underwear as my outerwear!

Whilst I was raiding the health food shop for delicious bars I noticed that they stocked some of my fave Burt's Bees products, that Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is THE best I've been using it for years and their lip balm is just a awesome to as I suffer from very dry lips, I also picked up some dry shampoo for my upcoming travels just in case I feel the need to freshen my hair on the go.

Monotone vest tops which were only £1.99 from New Look a must have for every wardrobe as they're perfect for layering or wearing on their own. I wanted to stock up on these with summer on its way as I've got lots of activities planned which may or may not involve me getting dirty and these are perfect for the task, they're also great for D.I.Y jobs to so I might go back and grab a few more so I can get creative and throw fabric paint all over them.

I have a little addiction to All Saints and the Zora dress is my 3rd purchase from them since January, but they do make the most beautiful clothes which are so flattering on and as they were offering 25% off it was hard to resist! I picked up the black maxi dress at New Look and surprisingly it wasn't too long on me so my short ass had to have it, I love this dress even though I apparently look like Morticia Addams in it but I take that as a compliment as Mrs Addams is a hottie!

Yet another pair of tights because I can't resist new designs and I have an addiction but I do wear them daily so it's a justified addiction, I don't actually wear socks that often as I live in tights but since I've taken up cycling and jogging again I need me some new socks so I stuck to what I know and bought 5 black pairs so I didn't have to worry about matching pairs and the washing machine consuming them.

So those are my recent purchases, have you guys bought anything nice recently?
Love & Sparkly Hugs

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