07 April 2011

D.I.Y. Pom Pom Necklace

I've been wondering for a while what to do with those leftover bits of wool I had and then I remembered how I had seen some cute pom pom accessories making their appearance in the fashion world. After a quick search around the internet and a mass of inspiration I decided I just had to make my own pom pom necklace.

 You will need:
Necklace chain/cord

First of all you're going to need to make some pom poms and there are two easy ways to do that, one of the ways you can make pom poms is to cut a circle of cardboard the size you want your pom pom, cutting a hole in the middle and threading your yarn through.

You can also make pom poms by wrapping yarn around your fingers, carefully taking it off, tying it in the middle (make sure it's tight!) and trimming the edges.

I personally prefer the cardboard method, although it takes longer it's much more accurate and gives you a much neater, rounder pom pom but of course you guys can choose whatever method is better for you. Violet Le Beaux also wrote a tutorial on how to make heart shaped pom poms if you're feeling adventurous.

Now you have your pom poms made you want to arrange them into the design you would like for your necklace, you can use as little or as many as you want as big or as small as you want.

Although I made quite a few pom poms I've decided only to use three small ones for my necklace and to keep them in place I've sewn them together into the design I want. A little tip when you're tying your pom pom up is to leave enough yarn so you can use it to sew your pom poms together as it gives you a much stronger bond than just using a separate piece of yarn to sew them together.

The final step to making your necklace is an easy one, just get a necklace cord or chain you want to use find the center of your pom pom and carefully thread it through so as not to mis-shape or pull the yarn out but if your pom poms do get misshapen just roll them in your hands to fluff them up and trim off the excess yarn if you need to.

This is a great way to use up any excess yarn which you would have otherwise thrown out and it's so simple and easy to do, you can go completely wild with the colours, add more or less pom poms or make them different sizes the possibilities are endless and there's so many different ways you can wear it you can sew them onto a headband or even make them into a belt.

Let me know how you get on!
Love & Pom Poms

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