06 June 2011

The Frequent Flyer: Ultimate List of Travel Links

Travelling is my favourite thing in the world, there's nothing better than planning your next adventure and all the amazing things you'll do, see, taste, smell and experience. Life is all about experiences and there is no better way to do it than jetting to some foreign land! If you're in need of a little inspiration or just need a little push to take that vacation you've always dreamed of then here is my ultimate list of travel links.

20 Things I've Learnt From Travelling Around the World For Three Years

3floz.com - The best one-stop shop for all your travel sized needs.

Travelling with Friends: 7 Do's & Don'ts

How Travelling To Paris Alone Changed My Life -Travelling alone can be a very liberating experience and not as scary as you think it is, don't be afraid to take that leap!

Travel Beauty Tips from Dweam

  Why I Quit My Job to Travel Around the World

The Occasional Traveller - Some great travel themed gifts here, I really love their travel guides

How to Buy a Round-the-World Plane Ticket

The importance of having an Itinerary - Even if your the type of person who likes to go with the flow it's always a good idea to be prepared on your travels!

5 Fashion Essentials While Travelling

Mount Fuji Climb

Ultimate Amsterdam on a Budget  - Amsterdam is a beautiful place, definitely on my list of places I want to see again there's just so much to see and do there.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Singapore

Eatin' and Drinking, California Style - I had the best Mexican I ever tasted on a street corner in LA, California is a hive of great food places!

Top 10 Best Cities For Bloggers

Don't Be Sorry

Top Ten Place You Don't Want To Visit - Make sure you don't go to these, that really would be a nightmare!

Realise Your travel Dreams: How To Afford It

Love & Sequins 10: International Playgirls Unlimited - This is full of amazing helpful advice especially if you're a first time traveller or thinking of taking that adventure alone.

Postcards From Mumbai

 Stuck In Customs

 On The Importance of Gratitude - Just because you're on holiday doesn't mean you should forget your manners!

World Landmarks Reflected in Bubbles

The World We Live In - I'm always so inspired by these beautiful photos it makes me want to jump on the next flight out of here

 Gift Ideas for Travel Jet Setters

Cool Stuff in Paris

Film Earth - A niffy way to make some money and go sightseeing on your holiday

Myth Busting: Long Term Travel is Irresponsible

Hotels with A Macabre Past - I would love to spend a night in the Bate's Motel!

Packing for a Trip Abroad in a Carry-on suitcase

Packing Light... sort of.

The Armchair Traveller - Love this series that Etsy did, it's such a cute glimpse on the world of travelling and a good way to find inspiration on new places to visit.

Window Shopping in Barcelona

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taiwan - This alone makes me want to get on the first flight to Taipei!

The International Playgirls Guide To Las Vegas


Justin Lee Collins Turning Japanese - Hilarious series about Japan's weird and wonderful sights including an Alcatraz dining experience, the popularity of man bras, monkey waiters, snake flavoured ice cream and much more weird and wonderful sights! 

Tablet Hotels - If you're looking for luxury living on the cheap then sign up to this website, once a week they put up awesome deals on boutique hotels which save you 100's on you vacation plus you can actually earn rewards to spend on your next vacation.

Want to Move to New York City? - Gala Darling shares her story on how she moved to one to the most exciting cities in the world and shares tips on how you can do it to.

Round the World with Natalie - One of my fave YouTubers has been sharing her experiences of travelling around the world, very funny stuff!

A Beginners Guide to Paris - Paris is one of my favourite cities but to new visitors it can be a daunting place but Nubby covers some excellent points for anyone planning a visit there.

An Idiot Abroad - If you're looking for an alternative, humorous look at the world then watch this, even though some of the places they plonked Karl in looked horrific I would love to visit all the wonders one day.

Northern Lights in the UK - Proving that sometimes you don't need to leave the country to see something amazing!

Adventures & Happy Memories

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