10 October 2010

Filofax: An Effort to be Organised and Inspire

When September rolled in the school girl in me decided that I needed to be more organised and if I wanted to achieve my goals for the year I needed to put some real effort into it. I normally carry a notebook and pen with me when I go out just in case I need it or get a sudden bout of inspiration and I'm a big fan of moleskines but I've already gone through five mini moleskines this year!

Filofax and I go way back, I remember I had two when I was a kid, one I kept like a diary and the other I use as a scrapbook keeping articles on Barbie dolls, photos of cute animals and interesting feathers I would find on my walks inside, believe me not much has changed! One of the things I love most about Filofax is the ability to customise it and the way that your Filofax can grow and change with you, you can rip pages out put more in, use it as a sketchbook, scrapbook or diary and when you get bored you can just as easily change it into something else.

Filofox has a wide range of different organisers which come is all sorts of shapes and sizes, they can get pricey but their philosophy is that a Filofax is a way of life and I know people who have had and still use theirs after almost 20 years!

Paper refills are not the only things Filofax sell, there are all sorts of interesting things you can add to your Filofax such as mirrors, calculators, maps, folders, post-its, perfume pens it's easy to get carried away with all the great supplies they have.

My Filofax is not only something to keep me organised it's something I use to inspire me, I keep a list inside of all the amazing adventures I want to have, I've stuck inspirational quotes and photos all over it, I jot down my thoughts as well as my appointments, and the addresses of my family and friends so I can send them special gifts in the mail.

I'm a Filofax-a-holic and not afraid to admit that I get excited at the thought of jotting things inside and buying pretty new refills for it (which reminds me I really need some more to-do list refills!), it's something I keep with me where ever I go and something to inspire me, definitely something every girl (and guy) needs to have in their life.

Get your Filofax at filofax.com

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