31 May 2010

Things that make you go Oooooo (May 2010)

Panda's that nom by cgines

I'm declaring May "Panda Month" and although I'm writing this at the begining of April by the time it's posted "Project Panda" will nearly be over for me and I would have spent a full month looking after my black and white friends in their homeland of China. To celebrate, this is a special Panda themed edition of Things that make you go Oooooo.

Panda's Unlimited - Best panda Fan group out there not only for the awesome pictures, amazing news and updates but this group loves Panda's so much that they've raised thousands of dollars to help panda conservation.

San Diego Panda Cam - I have spent many hours watching this and it was the place where I saw my first real life panda.

Panda Bounce - A cute little Korean panda themed game.

emandsprout - Some of these cutest panda clothing out there, check out the super cute panda shoes!

Tare Panda

♥ Panda Channel - Live feed from the pandas in Chiang Mai with a daily update on cubbie Lin Ping's progress, another zoo which I was lucky enough to visit.

Steppie - Some cute Panda themed goodies, I especially love the hoodies!

Pandas International - A great Panda resource and organization helping the conservation of pandas and providing updates from panda's all round the globe.

Zhao Bandi - the "Panda Man" who's artwork is inspired by his favorite creatures, check out his fashion line it's crazy cute!

Eskimo kisses for my mommy by  Somesai

aprikotDIY - Love their panda hoodies.

Urban Panda

Lazy Panda - Cute little animation about a very lazy panda!

Kung Fu Panda - Everyone loves this movie don't they?

Trail of the Panda

Go Panda Go - A cute animated movie from the genius that is Hayao Miyazaki

Peeking Pandas by Sheree
 Sdi's dinette by SanDee Sun

Panda Airways - I love how even airlines celebrate their love of all things Panda by decorating their planes in honour of them.

Panda Express - How do you get a Panda back to China? FedEx of course!

Panda Necklace - So cute and comes in an adorable panda gift box.

Panda Hugs Tour - Yes you can HUG a real life panda!

Love & Hugs

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