10 May 2010

The Frequent Flyer: What's in my Bag #2

After over 20 years of flying long haul I've learnt to be prepared for every eventuality and also how to keep myself occupied on 8 - 10 hour flights because lets face it that long in a small confined space with nothing to do and nowhere to go can easily make a person go mad! So this is what I took with me on my flight to China.

I know what you're thinking how on earth did she fit all that into one bag? All I can say is years of playing Tetris on long boring flights has given me the awesome skill to pack everything I can into a tiny compressed space, and if you think I'm a great packer you should meet my mother she has packing down to a fine art!

So here's a rundown off what I took with me: Passport, tickets, travel Moleskine (not taking my laptop so I got a Moleskine to document my adventures), a pen, dress, gloves, spare underwear, sunglasses, purse & travel money, vitamin case + vitamins, Hello Kitty camera case + camera, Fisheye camera, phone, business postcards (these are awesome to give out to people!), MAC Hello Kitty mirror, Hello Kitty facial towel + tissues, mini makeup kit, comb & "Liquids bag", sweeties, reading material (China related of course), iPod, Nintendo DS + games, Vado video recorder and my glasses.

 Tell me what are your travel essentials, those things you absolutely cannot get on a plane without and what way do you keep yourself occupied on long haul flights?

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