31 March 2010

Things that make you go Oooooo (March 2010)

I've been mad as a March hare this month (sorry bad pun!) getting things organised for Project Panda, which is in just over a month, working, studying and meeting old friends so it's been a very eventful month online and off  so I'm taking a time out  now to give you the March edition of Things that make you go Oooooo

Alice in Wonderland - Dispite its flaws I did enjoy the movie and I'm a sucker for anything Disney and 3D

Wisdom from Wonderland - Lessons on life taken from the fantastical novel

Alice in Wonderland at Printemps - Beautiful Wonderland inspired clothing by the worlds best designers in an inspiring window display in Paris

Coloud - Love their Hello Kitty headphones and the geek in me also loves the X-Men and Star Wars range they have to.

HolgaNizer - I do own a Holga but I'm a sucker for anything that gives that Lomo effect to pictures.

Jetoy - The cutest stationary designs ever!

Clever and Creative Tea Packaging - If only these were real as they would make for some great tea parties!

Bunny Love

Kitty Paws - The cutest weirdest thing ever, download your own kitty paw and make it purr

Melody Ehsani - Killer shoes and awesome accessories, what more could a girl want?

Split Mind Plush - My kinda bunnies!

Channeling Those Crazy '80s Kids -  The decade of crazy fashion makes a return

Easter Egg Celebrities - This takes easter egg decorating to the next level!

Bang a Bunny

Operation Beautiful - This is such a wonderful idea which I'm definitely going to join in on.

How to Plan Your Perfect Day - If you needed a pick-me-up Mausumi provides some helpful tips.

3 Reasons you should be Selfish - Remember "me time" isn't always a bad thing!

 Love & Hugs

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