04 March 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

 It seems that no matter what you do to try and avoid getting a cold the germs always seem to get you in the end! I've been feeling so sick and gross lately that I felt I needed to do something to make myself feel fabulous again, so the victim this time was my wild untamed shaggy grown out fringe.

 I must admit I've been quite tempted to just let it grow out like the rest of my hair and keep it looking like a wild, shaggy, untamed beast but I do like having a fringe...

 For the past few years I've been responsible for cutting my own fringe, which I admit sometimes isn't the best idea, but it's cheaper and easier than visiting a salon. The last time I asked for a fringe trim the stylist ended up hacking my hair to pieces, I wouldn't have minded so much but I was in the process of growing my hair long and that was a year's worth of growth he hacked off but I digress...

It's great being able to see again, the constant hair in my face look has given me a twitch, and I always feel like having a fringe instantly makes you look younger.

I'm still feeling slightly icky but getting better and the new fringe makes me feel all shiny and new, so it gets two Fonzie style thumbs up from me!


  1. it looks so awesome, I can never do my own hair!

  2. You look great! i also trim my own fringe!