19 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Characters With My Favorite Fictional Fashion

It's Friday so you know what that means it's another edition of 5 Fandom Friday created by the always awesome The Nerdy Girly and Super Space Chick. I'm all about the subject this week suggested by @1CuriousWriter because if there's one thing I really enjoy it's nerdy fashion, I think one of the main reasons I got into cosplay was just so I could wear awesome outfits and my wardrobe is probably 90% nerd! I think I could easily have listed about 15 characters whose wardrobes I want but alas we only have 5 choices so here are just a few of my faves...

Cher Horowitz
Let's start right at the begging because when I was a youngling and first saw Clueless I wanted Cher's wardrobe so badly in fact I think I did start to steal elements of her style and I used to cut out pictures of her in magazines and make little outfit collages out of catalogues we'd get in the post, yep pretty much doing Polyvore before the days of the internet!

Margaery Tyrell
I LOVE the costumes in Game of Thrones and seeing the details put into them in real life at the exhibitions just blows my mind, I've been very tempted to steal them on several occasions. Out of everyone though I think Margaery has my favourite style, I mean that wedding dress is amazing I want it in my wardrobe so badly!

Wonder Woman
She has a costume for all occasions and that's amazing, it doesn't matter if she's in shorts, skirts, trousers or pants I love them all and she looks damn good. I even love the ridiculous golden eagle armour and if I was Wonder Woman I would wear the heck out of it! Wondy is high on my list of characters I want to cosplay but I'm still undecided as to which version of her I want to do although I'm leaning towards the DC Bombshell look...

Peggy Carter
Since Agent Carter I've found myself getting back into vintage fashion, I still want that hat and although I don't wear heels that often as soon as I found out where they bought Peggy's shoes from I ordered them and I love them even if they make my feet hurt. This lady can rock a trouser suit and although I never wear trousers I still want to wear what Peggy's wearing, she looks good in everything, I love her and her style so much!

Myrtle Snow
I know everyone is thinking WTF but I love Myrtle Snow's style so much she's a rainbow in a sea of black and witch knows fashion I mean let's not forget her infamous last words! I would love to raid Myrtle Snow's wardrobe because I imagine every dress, glove, scarf, jacket to have an amazing story to go with it. When I had to go buy a new pair of glasses I ended up coming home with a pair not dissimilar to the ones she wears. I definitely would love to dress as eccentricly and awesomely as her when I'm older, basically what I'm saying is I want to be Myrtle Snow when I grow up...

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Love & High Heels

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