31 March 2013

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (March 2013)

Is it just me or does this year seem to be going really quickly!? I can't believe we're already going into April, March has just been one crazy blur for me but I got so much done and organised that hopefully I can start doing more fun stuff soon. I feel like March has been all about re-organisation and re-evaluation so hopefully some you'll find some of these links as useful as I did.

 Spring Cleaning (aka editing your mess of a closet) - I've tried to cut WAY down on my clothing items and have donated/sold over half of my wardrobe and even though I did feel kinda bad getting rid of a few things I can honestly say I don't miss them, these are some great tips on how to cut down on your clothes and how to store them and keep them looking at their best to!

 The Ultimate Guide To Looking Good On Spring Break

 100 Beautiful Quotes To Inspire Your Life - Write them on you walls, mirrors, phone anyway you can think of so that every time you feel unsure of yourself you have something to make your day that litle bit more bright.

 How To Stop Bacterial Breakouts - I'm a bit of a clean freak as it is but now I'm being extra diligent with keeping things clean (especially my phone!) after seeing this.

 Embrace Your Inner Life Coach: 5 Meaningful Ways To Help Others

 Easy Ways To Save Time - Simple tips but very effective, I make lists for everything and always try to cross at least one thing off them a day.

 8 Skills You Need When Running Your Own Business - I love this it's so true and there's some great advice for those of us struggling with running our own little empires.

 How To Find Fashion Blogger Sponsorship Programs

 Candid Thoughts On Sponsors And Courtesy Items - Some interesting thoughts here, I think sponsorship is a great thing however as tempting as it is I think it's very important to keep your integrity and be true to yourself and don't sell yourself short.

 How To Walk Forward To Your Dreams - This is such a sweet story and I absolutely love this idea, I'm definitely going to be trying this out.

 Perfection and Imperfection

 10 Simple Things to Make You Happier At Home - Your environment can have a big effect on your mood so this is a great way of restoring a bit of peace and harmony to your home.

 Juicing vs Blending - Some great info for anyone wanting to up their daily intake of fruits and vegetablea as you guys know I'm addicted to smoothies and although we have a juicer I definitely favour my blender.

 Emma's Fitness Story

 My Exercise History - Such a great story and something I can totally relate to, if you're looking for some inspiration for getting healthy then give this a read!

 R2D2 Heels - I am in LOVE with these shoes, this would make an awesome project and they get bonus nerd points for flashy lights!

 Gold Honey Bear Vase D.I.Y.

 Adventure Time Finn Plushie Brooch - This is such an adorable tutorial from my super talent friend and awesome plushie maker Violet.

 Boggle is Worried About You - If you suffer from depression or have a friend that does and struggle for advice then give this a read, it's a very open and honest read with some really helpful points.

 13 Awesome Photos That Will Make You Happy To Be Alive

 The Zen of Dogs - Dogs are amazing creatures and they definitely bring a lot of joy to our lives, this is a great read, so very sweet and makes me realise just how much my pooch means to me.

Love & Snowdrops

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