12 March 2012

Don't Hate On My Weight, Be Body Positive!

It seems like lately there's been a lot of girls hating on each others weight, this is something I absolutely despise as people just don't realize how hurtful and cruel their comments can be and just how badly they can affect someone. We each have our own unique ideas of what beautiful is and our bodies come in all different shapes, sizes some and big some small but either way critiquing the way someone looks and saying things like they need to eat a burger or get off their fat asses is not funny, clever or productive and only has a negative effect.

I'm not saying I'm an angel when it comes to this, I have been guilty of "weight hate", I can be hypocritical and I do get incredibly frustrated with my own body but I have vowed to take better care of myself this year and part of that is a mental journey to become more accepting of my own body and to not hate on others because of the way they look.

My own body journey has been a rough one my weight has fluctuated between thin and overweight for many years. When I was in high school I was on the bigger side and of course this was usually the focus of many bullies, did it get me down? Of course it did, it's hard to shut out those voices when you're a kid your life pretty much revolves around school and the people you're with but when I left school I also left my puppy fat behind but still those voices haunted me and still I believed I was overweight.

Ugly by Zemotion

I've done some pretty despicable things to make myself thin, none which I'm proud of and I wasn't making myself healthy at all only putting my body in more danger and making myself more and more miserable. The hate I felt for myself at that time made me a terrible person I lost good friends and became a very bitter, angry, depressed and lonely person. The final straw came when I was so weak I collapsed in the middle of class. It took me to a very extreme point to realize that what I was doing was absolutely ridiculous, that this wasn't making me happy at all, that this person I had become was no longer me and that I needed to shut out those ridiculous voices and start loving myself again.

Beauty comes from deep within, you are more than your appearance and when you start to see that you really are beautiful and really believe it, only then will you see it in yourself and in others to. Just forget about what other people think because it's actually you who are your own worse critic, try looking at yourself in a more positive light and accepting the person you are because doing this will make you shine inside and out. A friend of mine once commented that he loved me because I didn't give a fuck I was confident in the way I looked and if I wanted to eat a burger I would godamn eat a burger and I would enjoy it, no regrets! OK so maybe it was a bit of an over exaggeration from him but that comment meant the world to me and I'll always remember it as it keeps me going through those times when I'm not so self-confident.

It's been a tough journey but I've accepted the fact that I will never look like my gorgeously petite Thai cousins and that my hips will always be big, but you know what I don't care anymore as they look pretty damn good in a dress and so what if I'm short that's what god made platforms for! This is my body I have it for life and I should love it and look after it, I shouldn't starve it when I'm hungry or fill it when I'm full, I should give it what it needs and take good care of it so it can bring the best out the best in me.

This year I have felt more fitter and healthier than I ever have, I'm working out so I can run around and play with all my nieces and nephews and have endless hours of fun with them, I'm eating healthy because I enjoy it, it gives me energy and I love trying new foods and if I miss out a workout or decide to eat a box of donuts so what, we all deserve a treat every so often don't we? But most of all I am genuinely happy with my body which is something I've struggled with for years.

So what I'm saying is girls think before you comment on somebody's image, it's one thing to show genuine concern for someone who you think may have a problem but it's an entirely other thing to insult someone based on your own beauty standards so lets all stop with the hate and start spreading some body positivity because we really are all beautiful people!

Love & Candy

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