10 April 2021

๐ŸŽจ The Impressionists ๐Ÿ–Œ️

After visiting River City's previous multimedia exhibition on Van Gogh I just had to go see their latest multimedia extravaganza, The Impressionists an exhibition which showcases the work of 10 different artists significant to the impressionist movement. As this era is home to some of my favourite artists, Van Gogh, Monet, Rousseau and Renoir I was really excited to experience their art in a new way and to be fully immersed into their world.

Like the previous Van Gogh exhibition this one had a set up where you could become part of the art, last time it was Van Gogh's bedroom this time is was Cafรฉ Guerbois, a real cafรฉ in Paris in the 19th century where many artists of the time would meet. I'd really have loved to be a fly on the wall at that time and hear what these amazing artists would discuss together and it was said that some of the discussions they would have would get quite heated to.

The multimedia section of the exhibit was much larger than last time with different sections and set ups for you to watch the screens and take photos, the first was a bridge with a lily pond, an homage to Monet's famous piece Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies and the second a boat which was a common appearance in many of The Impressionists works.

I visited the exhibition on a quiet day and was lucky to have the whole exhibition to myself for a couple hours so was able to enjoy each of these set-ups without disturbing anyone's view or experience although on a busy day there is still lots of space and seating for everyone to enjoy the exhibition in peace.

It was really touching to see each of the artists pieces brought to life in such a new way, being surrounded by Monet's beautiful flowers and landscapes really made me feel like I had escaped to the countryside, Rousseau the jungle, Toulouse-Lautrec to Paris, it really was a beautiful experience and I walked through the exhibit several times making sure I could experience every artists work from every angle to the absolute fullest before it was time for me to leave.

For anyone in Bangkok the exhibition is here until April 18th and there's currently a 1+1 offer so you can bring a friend along with you to see it for free, so I highly recommend you do visit whilst you still can as it is really worth experiencing for yourself.

Who is your favourite impressionist?
Love & Lilies

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