23 April 2021

๐Ÿงผ Bangkok Soap Opera ๐Ÿ›€ Natural, Handmade, Eco-Friendly Soap & Skincare ♻️

I have walked past the beautifully smelling Bangkok Soap Opera so many times but sadly never been inside however I happened to notice one day while scrolling through Instagram that they were having a sale so I decided as I was down to my last sliver of soap it was the perfect opportunity to order some of their delicious looking soaps to try out and as it arrived to me so fast and so beautifully wrapped with sustainable packaging and smelt so wonderful I just had to share this amazing find with all of you because who doesn't love pretty soaps that smell amazing?

The most appealing thing to me about Bangkok Soap Opera is not just their amazing soaps but the fact that they do some amazing work in the community. Not only do they teach soap making skills and host workshops on natural skincare and candle making, which I definitely want to take part in one day, they also have a project where they take the used oil from local street stalls and restaurants and which would otherwise go to waste and use that oil to make into soap and then donate that soap to communities and charities in need, so by buying their soaps and supporting them you are also supporting a great cause and a more eco-friendly, sustainable future. 

As someone with quite sensitive skin I'm always cautious about what I put onto my skin and try to source as natural, organic and vegan as possible. Bangkok Soap Opera prides themselves on their natural ingredients and state they don't use any ingredients in their soap you can't eat as only if it's safe for you to consume it's safe for it to be used on your skin. Using only these natural ingredients they have produced a wonderful and wide selection of soaps in many "flavours" to suit all skincare types, I purchased 5 of their many soaps on offer, strawberry and rose, mangosteen and lemongrass, coffee and orange, chocolate pumpkin and cinnamon, lemon and tamarind, and they all smell amazing! So far I have only used the strawberry rose and it's wonderful, not only does my bathroom smell like an amazing rose garden every time I walk in but I've had complements about my "new perfume" and my skin feels so soft, beautiful and cleansed I really can't wait to get back into the shower to use it again.

I think as consumers we should all be making more of an effort to support businesses and brands that make a difference, personally I want the little money I have to go to the right places and businesses that align with my own ideals and beliefs and Bangkok Soap Opera is definitely a business I'm proud to support, not only are their products handmade with completely natural ingredients of the highest quality, they smell amazing, leave my skin feeling beautiful and are very reasonably priced to so worth every single penny and more, they ship worldwide to so please do go check them out and maybe treat yourself to some natural handmade skincare made with love.

Which one of their soaps would you love to try out?
Love & Bubbles

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