13 December 2019

Day6 World Tour "Gravity" in Bangkok, Thailand (Concert)

After the excitement of the Press Con I was more than ready to see Day6 in concert the next day, although after hardly getting any sleep I still arrived at the venue too late to get any of the merchandise I wanted, pro tip for Thai concerts if you want to buy merchandise you should at least arrive at the venue a few hours before sales open and be ready with cash as they don't usually take cards, also keep in mind that Bangkok traffic especially at the weekends is bad so will probably add an extra hour onto your journey!

This is my third Day6 concert in Thailand and each year the venue gets larger and it's such a joy to see the fandom grow and more and more people coming to their concerts. It's so nice to see such a diverse crowd of people to from very young fans to older fans and nationalities to, not just Thai, a lot of people from other countries travelled to see Day6 and it was so nice to see how they had brought us all together and everyone was respectful of each others space, I nearly always get standing for these concerts in Thailand and not once have I experienced any rudeness or pushing.

When Day6 finally came on stage the atmosphere exploded everyone was singing and jumping, there was so much positive energy it really was electric, I think this is definitely my fave concert so far they've come a long way and it's amazing to see just how much more confident they are on the stage now and how much they love performing, there were genuine smiles on their faces throughout the whole concert.

My favourite moment from the concert was when they sat down with us and had us 'My Day' sing their songs to them, it was really nice to hear everyone singing in Korean even though most of us don't speak Korean, but just seeing the pure look of joy on each of their faces, it just really made me happy to share that moment with them. I also LOVED the solo stages, Young K had teased in a live before the concert that he had changed his stage up and this was the first time he would be performing it and it was soooo good, I was just in awe the whole time!

I absolutely adored the fan project for Day6 and seeing just how happy they were seeing it was so touching, when I first took out my banner I saw Wonpil smile as he read it and then as the song progressed signs were lit up for them and they were so genuinely shocked and amazed! I turned my attention from them for a moment to see the crowd all singing along waving their lights and banners and it was so beautiful to see so I'm happy we could create this special memory for them.

The concert seemed to end all too quickly and their ending speeches telling us how happy they are and that they hope to always share that happiness with us and for us to always have good days really touched me. There was so much more I wanted to hear and see, so many more songs of theirs that I would love to see live but I know there will be a next time and that they'll come back one day so until then, I Wait.

What's your favourite Day6 song?
Love & Lemons

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