09 December 2019

Day6 World Tour Gravity in Bangkok, Thailand (Press Con)

Day6 hold a very special place in my heart, I found them early 2017 when they were doing the Every Day6 Project and I was just blown away by their music and could not believe I hadn't heard of them sooner! Day6 are something different in the Kpop world in that they not only write and produce their own music but they play their own instruments to and continually experiment with their sound which ranges anywhere between heavy rock to synth pop.

This is actually my 3rd time seeing Day6 in concert in Thailand, I made a promise to that no matter what I would at least try to see them perform once a year and this year was extra special as I not only got to see them in concert but I won a spot to see them at the press con the night before the concert. I always feel very blessed when it comes to Day6 they came into my life at I time where I was feeling very lost and alone and their music spoke deep to my soul and really helped me get through that bad time in my life.

The press con was held at Emquartier, the same place where they did a special performance for New Years Eve a few years ago, I was always quite sad I missed out on that as I was in Seoul at the time but seeing them here years later in front of an even bigger crowd of fans makes me so proud of how far they've come.

At the press con Day6 shared with us a few of their hopes for the concert, their favourite things about Thailand and ended it buy wishing us a Happy Christmas and New Year and that they were excited to see us all for the concert the next day, I honestly felt so blessed I could see them up close and see the genuine happiness and excitement in their faces being back in Thailand ready to perform for us fans or 'My Day' as we're known.

Day6 are definitely a band to look out for, a lot of people who say they aren't fans of Kpop I always tell to check out Day6 and they're always pleasantly surprised by them and quickly become fans to. They have such a diverse range of songs and their lyrics are so deep and meaningful and written almost entirely by the members themselves so do check out their music and they'll be taking the tour over to Europe in the new year so be sure to grab yourself a ticket to see them live, you definitely won't regret it!

What's your favourite Day6 song?
Love & Chocolate

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