20 November 2019

GOT7 Yugyeom Birthday Celebrations in Bangkok, Thailand

At the beginning of the year I attended my first birthday event for GOT7's leader JB and since then K-Pop  birthday events have become so much bigger and more popular in Thailand with several events happening over the course of the whole month. Now we are at the end of the year and our final GOT7 birthday celebration for our youngest member Kim Yugyeom.

The first event I attended was called KYUMsGally hosted in Round About Cafe near BTS Ekkamai. The whole cafe, which was 2 floors, was decorated with fan art, photos and toys of Yugyeom. It was really nice seeing all the fanart that people had made for him, GOT7 has some really talent fans and I always love seeing how creative they are.

I actually visited this cafe on the day of GOT7's first music show win for their latest release You Calling My Name and with was so nice to sit there and celebrate the win with my fellow ahgase, the cafe was really quiet and we we're all trying so hard not to scream and contain our excitement. It was such a happy moment for us all watching the livestream from Korea together and the perfect place to be and the perfect way to start off Yugyeom's birthday celebrations.

The next cafe I visited was TE Time and Space in Siam Discovery which is actually one of my fave cafes which does really delicious teas that I first visited back in March for Jackson's birthday. However for Jackson't birthday they were only giving away cupsleeves but for Yugyeom's birthday they had decorated the whole cafe with balloons, photos and fanart of him. I really loved what they did with such a small place it looked so beautiful and I really hope we can have more events there next year.

While in Siam I of course had to see the birthday advert fans had made for Yugyeom's birthday on the MBK Center, the screen is huge and it's become somewhat of an event for people to go there and wait for their idols birthday advert to appear, in fact as I was there waiting for Yugyeom's advert, Bank Thiti a popular Thai actor (who has actually worked with GOT7) was there with his fanclub so they could celebrate his birthday together and watch the birthday advert they had made for him, it was a really sweet moment to witness and I hope Yugyeom gets to see all the fun we had in Thailand for his birthday to, I already can't wait for next year's birthday celebrations.

Have you ever been to a K-Pop birthday event?
Love & Ice Chocco

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