10 November 2019

GOT7 Mark Meal (Spicy Vegan Version)

The 'Mark Meal' has been a staple in GOT7 and Ahgase diets for a few years now, with Mark himself being a big fan and making it several times on variety shows. It recently got a new spicy makeover using the infamous spicy chicken noodles which amazingly are completely vegan, so I thought I would call on the help of my little friend 'Chibi Mark' and finally test out this meal for myself, vegan style!

I'm a big fan of the fire noodles so I really enjoyed this and although I'm not a fan of fake meats I did really enjoy the addition of the sausages and cheese is always good! I'll definitely be making it again, quite possibly after GOT7 concerts as I always seem to find myself in a 7Eleven hunting for something to eat after using all my energy up screaming... hehe!

Have you tried the 'Mark Meal' what did you think?
Love & Rambokki

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