26 March 2019

Blackpink In Your Area World Tour (Bangkok.Thailand)

Blackpink are one of the few Kpop groups I have loved since debut, ever since seeing Boombayah I just really loved their energy, their fierceness and their styling and over the years of getting to know them through various interviews, lives and variety shows they are just the cutest, sweetest, down to earth and kindest girls, and so hardworking, seeing them live in concert was always one of my goals and I finally got the chance to see them on not just their first concert in Bangkok but their first international stop on their first world tour!

I almost missed my chance to see them as their first 2 shows sold out in a heartbeat, Blackpink are incredibly popular in Thailand and you can hear their songs played everywhere. Lisa hosted a fan meet with Moonshot back in August and the shopping malls were so full of fans it looked like a concert not to mention the top spender spending close to $6000 on make-up just to meet her up close for a few moments! Luckily a 3rd show was announced and this time I managed to snag my ticket just moments before that concert sold out to.

One of the things I've really started to love about Kpop concerts is how much of an event they are from the moment you step out to the venue there are people handing out photos and stickers of their favourite members and billboards funded by favourite fansites to show their support for the girls, there's also all sorts of sponsored events happening where you can win merchandise and take photos as well as the official and unofficial stores selling all sorts of merchandise. I bought my light sticks a few weeks before the concert as I know how crazy the official merch booth can be, my advise if you want anything is to get there at least a couple hours before it opens because everything sells out super fast!

Most concerts I've been to in Thailand I've been in the standing section and one of the things I like most about standing tickets in Thailand is how they give you a queue number when you purchase your ticket so there's no need to camp overnight to try and get a good spot, you can just show up on the day when the line opens and claim your spot without problems. My number was 400 so I managed to get a spot a few rows away from the end of the extended stage which is always a good spot to see them up close. While I will admit it was a tight squeeze people aren't pushy in Thailand compared to a lot of other places and they give you as much room as they can, so if you're worried about being in the pit don't be because you won't get pushed around in fact I've seen small children in there running around so that pretty much shows you how safe it can be although I still wouldn't recommend bringing kids into standing as it can still be quite dangerous for them with excited fans jumping around.

The show was absolutely amazing they had so much positive energy, I loved their outfits, the live band, Krunk showing up and the solo stages were so fierce!! When they spoke to us throughout the show there was no need for a translator as the girls spoke completely in English (and Lisa in Thai, sometimes translating things to us) which was just an amazing way to connect to the fans, they were super adorable and even learned some Thai phrases to say to us and Rosé even sang a Thai song to us that she had learned in her trainee days with Lisa.

Blackpink have achieved so much and I'm so proud of them making a name for themselves not just in Korea but worldwide and selling out venues all over the world, they really deserve all the love in the world they are such sweet and hardworking girls and I really can't wait to see what the future holds for them, I'm not sure when I'll ever get the chance to see them again but I'm glad I got this chance because it was just so amazing and reminded me of why I fell in love with them and how much they inspire and bring joy to me. Good luck with the rest of the tour Blackpink I hope you have the best time and get to meet many more loving Blinks on your journey.

Who is your favourite girl group and have you seen them in concert?
Love & Hearts

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