31 October 2018

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (October 2018)

Cromhouthuis old stairs

October is over and there's just 2 months left of 2018 and my crazy year is not over yet because there's even more adventures coming which I can't wait for, I just want to make the most of life as I can as I'm not getting any younger haha! It's Halloween today and I haven't had a moment to think how I'm going to celebrate tonight, so I think ice cream and a scary movie it is, enjoy this month's links.....

♥ How to Save Money While Living in the City

♥ Move Your Body, Calm Your Mind: 5 Practices That Help Ease Anxiety

♥ The One Trick You Need To Try For A Stress-Free Morning

♥ How To Be a Better Listener in 6 Steps

♥ Love in Translation

Downtown Vegas

♥ How I Do My Nails

♥ 31 Things to Do When You're Having a Bad Day

♥ 25 Ways To Eliminate Toxins From Your System

♥ Getting Out Of Your Bad Mood

♥ I Tested 6 Bedtime Hacks Successful People Swear By


♥ How To Deal With Feeling Stuck

♥ Six Ways To Wake Up In A Better Mood

♥ An Open Letter to All the People Pleasers

♥ How To Bounce Back from Adrenal Burnout

♥ Is Your Anxiety Triggered By Hormonal Imbalance? Here's Exactly What To Do About It


♥ 5 Lies I've Stopped Telling Myself

♥ Step into Your Power and Manifest Your Dreams

♥ How I Learned to Make Friends With My Anxiety

♥ Plot Twist: Sleeping In on the Weekends Makes You Live Longer

♥ 3 Quick Tips For Staying Positive Even On A Terrible Day

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