01 October 2018


October is here and because I got so busy last month and wasn't able to do all the giveaways I planned I thought I would do a double giveaway this month instead and hopefully offer a little something for everyone. You can enter both giveaways if both takes your interest however you can only win one so if you're lucky enough to get picked for both I will contact you asking which prize you prefer then select an addition winner for the other prize, so check out all the details below on how you can enter...

As autumn is here I wanted to giveaway a little something I made to celebrate the season, these fox scarves are the most popular design in my Etsy Shop and this particular design is already SOLD OUT and as they'll be no more re-stocks in my Etsy you'll be getting the absolute last one I'll ever make to keep you warm during these colder months.

To win this scarf just follow the instructions in the widget above for details on how to enter.

GOT7 is back with their new album Present:You and I celebrated by ordering 6.... So I have quite a few extras and duplicates, whilst I'm still waiting for some albums to arrive and organising trades, I wanted to giveaway this absolutely beautiful postcard set I had extras of which was exclusive to album pre-orders and if you win I'll also send you an exclusive code you can use on VLive to listen to one of the members thanks message.

If you're a GOT7 fan be sure to check out the details in the widget above and enter!

Good Luck

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