08 February 2018

The Geeky Girl Tag

This geeky girl tag has been floating around the interwebs for a while now so I thought it was about time I did it myself and hopefully share some things about my geek life that you didn't know before. I definitely identify with the word geek and I think it pretty much encompasses all aspects of my life and I totally wouldn't have it any other way. The most important thing is to be happy, so keep the things that bring you joy close and forget about everything else because they just don't matter!

What is your must-have tech gadget?
Probably my iPhone as I do everything on it from taking photos to talking with friends as well as planning my days and general adulting. My phone is especially useful when I'm travelling as I can use maps, google translate etc. to help me out when I get lost.... also Pokemon Go!

Which house do you belong to in Hogwarts?
I'm not into Harry Potter at all *shock* and I did try to get into it but for some reason I just don't really feel anything towards it and maybe it's because unlike a lot of the Potter fandom I didn't grow up with it HOWEVER I did one of those house quizzes a while back and it said Slytherin which is kinda ironic considering I'm deathly afraid of snakes...

Who is your favourite Doctor?
Eleven is probably my favourite, I really enjoyed the series back then and I think it was the first time ever in all the years of Doctor Who that I would actually look forward to watching it but unfortunately my new found love for the show kinda disappeared when he died and I did try to continue to watch it after he left but it just wasn't the same and lost a lot of its fun element that I had grown to love. That being said I am looking forward to seeing what the new Doctor is like and hope she will breathe new life into the show. I also have to give a special mention to Tom Baker who's my Dad's favourite Doctor as we've met him quite a few times at cons and he's always such a joy to talk to, he really is a character and completely embodies who The Doctor is.

If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would it be?

What is your gaming system of choice?
I used to game a lot back in the day but I found it to be far too addictive and detrimental to my daily life so I gave it up and now I only really play Pokemon Go. I guess out of all the systems I've played my favourite would be the Nintendo 3DSXL or even the classic Gameboy as I really enjoy the portability of those systems and I'm kinda nostalgic about them, also Nintendo make the cutest games!

If you had a super power, what would it be?
Teleportation because it would save me so much time and money on air fares and I could see all my friends and family whenever and wherever I wanted. Seriously I think I've spent more of my life in airports compared to anywhere else in the world but I love travelling so much so that probably won't change any time soon.

Me & Stan Lee

What is your favourite fantasy world?
This is a tough one because they all have their perks and their flaws so I'm not sure I could pick one overall favourite. My tastes are so diverse to as I've always loved futuristic settings, seeing travel between solar systems, aliens and artificial life but I also love worlds with mythical beings, magic and epic adventures on horseback. Maybe I'll just pick the MCU because it has the best of all worlds with Asgard, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America hehe!

If you could be any fictional race, what would you be?

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Wars!!! My Dad has always been a huge fan of Star Trek and I remember watching The Next Generation a lot as a kid but for some reason I never really got into it and found it kinda boring but I will admit I am enjoying the new movies although I haven't really gotten into the new series... Star Wars will however always have a special place in my heart, I grew up with it, I relate to it, I love the characters and every time there's a new movie I always get super hyped!

Captain America Tee

List your top 5 geektastic movies or TV Series.
Game of Thrones
Blade Runner
Sailor Moon

List your top 5 favourite video games.
Katamari Damacy
Animal Crossing
Ace Attorney
Professor Layton
American McGee's Alice

If you haven't done this already I tag you & make sure to link me to your answers in the comments!
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