20 August 2017

Coffee & Cake Date #5: Ryan Cafe - Gangnam - Seoul - South Korea

Ryan Cafe - Gangnam - Seoul - South Korea

Kakao Friends is the most popular messaging service in Korea and although I've never used it I've seen the cute characters everywhere so I had to check out their flagship store in Gangnam and visit the cafe because I love anything cute so why not?

Ryan Cafe - Gangnam - Seoul - South Korea

When at the Ryan Cafe you have to get yourself a Ryan cupcake, although they did have cakes themed around the other characters I have a soft spot for Ryan so I just had to. I'm always a little dubious of theme cafe food as you find more effort goes into presentation than taste but I was pleasantly surprised by this cupcake as it was super soft and fluffy and not too sweet, I pretty much devoured the whole thing in a minute but if I ever go back I'll definitely have to try the other character cupcakes, it was such a cute place definitely worth a visit!

Ryan Cafe - Gangnam - Seoul - South Korea

คนเกาหลีชอบKakaoมากกวาLine ฉันไม่เคยใช้Kakaoแต่คิดว่าน่ารัก มีคาเฟ่ของKakaoที่กังนัมชื่อRyan Cafe Ryanเป็นสิงโต ฉันชอบRyanที่สุดและสั่งคัพเค้กหน้าเหมือนRyanรสช็อกโกแลต คัพเค้กนิ่มๆและไม่หวานมาก อร่อยมากและอยากสั่งอีกแต่วาอิ่มแล้ว

What is your favourite cute café?
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