24 August 2017

Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving!

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Since returning from Korea I've been watching an endless amount of K-Dramas, there seems to be a new one released every week that I want to watch. One of the things I've started to realise is that I really do love watching romance dramas and maybe I am a bit of a romantic afterall because even with all the drama and tragedy they always end up making me feel really good and warm inside... it's strange how much things can change I never ever thought I'd be calling myself a romantic...

I recently watched an interview with Young Ji (KARA) saying that she wants to marry Lee Dong Wook after seeing him in Goblin (don't we all?) and she mentioned how he's been helping her with her acting which got me curious to see what her acting is like so I stumbled across this little web drama from 2015. Young Ji (yes that's her name in the drama to) upon starting university falls in love with a guy at first sight which leads her to join a secret society who has banned dating and romance in the hope that she might get to know him a bit better. The cast are so cute and adorable and Young Ji is very funny, it's only a short drama so watching this made a nice little fun break between the more heavy dramas, so if you're looking for a giggle definitely check this one out.

여인의 향기
Lee Yeon Jae a single woman in her mid-thirties, who has spent most of her life working hard for a company who doesn't appreciate her suddenly get diagnosed with cancer and decides to live the remaining 6 months of her life without care and too the fullest. From the start I knew this drama was going to be a sad one and it was but at the same time I really enjoyed it to, I watched it for Lee Dong Wook but I stayed for Kim Sin-A who did an amazing job and made me both laugh and cry. I like to binge watch my dramas but it took me a while to finish this one because of all high emotions and the subject it dealt with but at the same time I loved the humour and the romance which was incrediably sweet, you'll definitely need tissues if you watch this!

역도요정 김복주
This is a coming of age drama about a group of young athletes training to succeed in their fields and find a healthy balance between career, love and life. After watching Scent of a Woman I was so happy to find a drama that was so much fun and light-hearted, it was such an easy watch and the cast are so sweet and funny, whilst it did deal with some heavy issues of the struggles of youth such as finding love, body image and family it was done in such a way that wasn't too heavy handed or overtly dramatic. I loved the relationship between Lee Sung-kyun and Nam Joo-hyuk, it was incredibly cute and it was nice to see the stereotypical strong protective male role reversed showing that women can be strong and protective not just emotionally but physically.

커피프린스 1호점
Coffee Prince is probably one of the most popular KDramas of all time so I probably don't even need to tell you to watch it because you probably already have. As great as Gong Yoo was in Goblin I just didn't get the hype around him and then my friend told me to watch Coffee Prince and now I totally get it and I totally get why this drama is so popular. So if you haven't got round to watching this drama (it was only released ten years ago!) then do go ahead and watch this classic.

신데렐라와 네 명의 기사
Eun Ha-Won is a high-school student who works multiple part-time jobs in order to save up money to go to college, she meets Hyun-Min a rich, arrogant, playboy who hires her to pretend to be his fiance for the night in order to ruin his grandfather's wedding but his grandfather actually find's himself so impressed with Eun Ha-Won's way of dealing with his grandsons that he hires her to move into a house with them and unite his three grandsons under the condition that she cannot date any of them. This drama isn't anything new when it comes to plot or characters but I really enjoyed it, Eun Ha-Won is so adorable and I was really rooting for her.

What series have you been watching and loving lately?
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