05 December 2016

Kawaii Christmas Wishlist

It seems so strange to me that Christmas is just around the corner. Now I'm living in the tropics every day feels like summer so I'm in a perpetual state of July and haven't really given much thought to the holidays although I will be returning to the UK and its cold winter for a visit very soon. I've been living the minimalist travellers life for a while now so there's very little I actually want but my shopaholic tendencies will never die so here are just a few things that have caught my eye.

♥ Holographic Backpack - I've swapped out my satchels for backpacks recently as they're just so much more convenient to travel with and the backpack trend is pretty strong here in Asia so there are quite a few that have caught my eye but this one is definitely my fave!

♥ Dinosaur Hoodie -  I recently watched this Thai drama about a cute boy into Dinosaurs (more about that soon) and I have wanted to get myself a Dino hoodie just like his ever since, I've actually wanted one for a while but seeing this drama just ignited my love for them again.

♥ Daenerys Dragon Necklace - Ever since I saw Daenerys wearing this necklace in Game of Thrones I have wanted it in my life so I was super excited to see you could actually buy the real thing... although it's waaaay out of my price range I can still dream...

♥ Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Compact - This is something I might actually buy because I've seen it in a few shops in Bangkok but it's kinda pricey although saying that the Sailor Moon make-up line is actually really good quality and I love their eyeliners and lipstick so this would be the perfect addition to my collection and useful to.

♥ Sailor Moon Sukajan - When I was in Tokyo last year I made it my mission to get a souvenir jacket as it's something I've wanted for a long time, the trend was only just starting there at the time and now it's huge and you can find so many awesome designs including this Sailor Moon one which I would have snapped up in a heartbeat had they had it in store when I was there.

♥ Twinkling Stars Skirt - Galaxy fashion is something I think I'll always be into and this skirt actually lights up which I think is so awesome!

♥ Yankee Candles - Candles always get me into the festive spirit and Yankee candle has the best scents I love the fruity scents and the cake ones smell so delicious to, I've been searching all over for some candles like them in Thailand but had no luck yet so I'll be stocking up on them when I'm back in the UK!

What do you hope Santa brings you for Christmas?
Love & Moonlight

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