09 August 2016

Love Locks & Potato Spirals @ N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is the place to go for the best view of Seoul, it's quite a walk uphill to reach it but it's totally worth it. It was really cold that day despite the sunshine but the walk to the cable car station warmed us up and after being crammed like sardines into the thing for a few minutes we reached the top and our first stop was food and possibly one of my favourite snacks I had in Seoul, the spiral potato I also tried some Hoddeok which was one of the snacks I was most looking forward to after seeing it on Eat Your Kimchi and that was definitely my fave snack of the whole trip I think I ate them at least twice a day whilst I was there!

N Seoul Tower N Seoul Tower

We didn't go to the top of the tower but the view from the observation platform was pretty good especially on the day we went as the skies were clear, I hear the view their is even better at night and it's a popular place for dates with all the love locks and love seats around there, I was tempted to leave a lock there to but seeing as I'm forever alone it just seemed kinda sad, oh well maybe when I get a KPop boyfriend I can go back there and leave one :p

N Seoul Tower

Aside from the nice view and the yummy food in true Korean style there were some beauty shops and souvenir shops up there, in fact the Tower isn't to far from the main shopping district of Myeongdong so it makes a nice cultural break away from all the craziness. I'd love to go back there though maybe at night or when the weather is warmer and attempt the hike up the hill to the tower but we'll see I'm not sure my chubby legs could take it just yet...

What are your favourite "date spots" where you live?
Love & Potatoes

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