31 May 2016

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (May 2016)

Wat Pho

This has been a super busy month for me between catching up with family and organising my move to Chiang Mai (which is happening in a week!) I've had almost no time to blog or catch up with my fave bloggers but hopefully things will be more settled soon so I'll be back to regular programming. This is a super exciting time for me with my new life in Thailand about to begin and I  can't wait to see what the future holds for me, I hope all is well with you and you enjoy this months links.

♥ How to Finally Beat Procrastination

♥ Simple and Sweet Donut Pillow DIY

♥ 5 Habits of High Self-Esteem: Be Happier with Yourself and Your Life

♥ Life of an Entrepreneur: The Good, The Bad, & The Nasty

♥ 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Outer Space

Weekend Magic - Detail

♥ 20 Questions (and answers) on Life, Love, Blogging and Business

♥ I Don't Know Where I’m Going But I’m Heading In That Direction

♥ 16 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin

♥ Instagram Top Tips! – How To Create A Visually Stunning IG!

♥ Little Ways To Feel Less Stressed


♥ Why Fangirling is Better in Your 30's

♥ This Totoro Cosplay Will Make You Say 'Awwww'

♥ Spending Time In Nature Can Make You Feel Younger And Happier, Study Finds

♥ 19 Bizarre Blog Post Prompts

♥ How To Look Like a Geek

the esthetic of lostness

How to Reclaim Your Energy So You Can Follow Your Dreams

5 Steps for Tackling Anxiety

♥ 7 Alternative Ways To Evaluate Your Life Every Day

♥ Online Safety for 20-somethings

♥ The Strange, Hidden Story of Harley Quinn

Love & Pineapples

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