17 July 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Things I Own That I Bought At Cons

It's Friday so you know what that means it's another edition of 5 Fandom Friday created by the always awesome The Nerdy Girly and Super Space Chick so be sure to check out their blogs. Today is the start of London Film and Comic Con which I've been attending almost every year for the past 8 years... WOW! As there aren't very many good geeky stores near where I live I always use cons as an opportunity to stock up as there's always amazing merchandise available at them and some great special offers to, no doubt this weekend I will be making a fair few awesome purchases so be sure to keep an eye of for a post on that soon...

Night Gathers, And Now My Watch Begins
Quite possibly the biggest amount of cash I've dropped at a con on a single item but when I saw Longclaw for sale I could not leave it behind especially as it was already sold out on Valyrian Steel. I bought this from MCM Birmingham back in 2012 and if you've ever been to the NEC you'll know it's quite a walk from the car park to the convention center and the box it was in was almost as big as me, so I must have been quite a sight lugging this beast around but it was totally worth the pain as it takes pride of place on the wall of The Batcave and at least I know I'll be safe from White Walkers!

Stan Lee Signed Stuff
Marvel Avengers Phase 1 Blu Ray Box Set 
Here in the UK we don't get the cool collectors edition box sets so if we want them them we have to order directly from the US and with shipping and customs fees it gets hella pricey so when I was at SDCC I thought would go ahead and treat myself because not only is it amazing it came with a free awesome signed poster by Skottie Young, then to make it even more awesome I decided to get it signed by Stan Lee when I met him last year and tomorrow my queen Hayley Atwell will be signing it to!

Comics Haul
Whenever I'm at a con I always stock up on a load of comics, there isn't a comic book shop in my town and I hardly get the chance to visit ones out of town so when I'm at a con I head straight for the comics, in fact one of my favourite con activities is raiding the bargain boxes for hidden gems.

Batusi Batman
Batusi Batman
Pretty much as soon as this was announced as a SDCC exclusive I knew I had to have it and reserved myself one to pick up as quick as a costume change on a bat pole!

Force FX Darth Maul Lightsaber
My first con and my first purchase was these lighsabers, I honestly think Darth Maul and that lightsaber duel was the best thing about the prequels he was such a cool villian I wished he had lasted longer and this double lightsaber is the coolest thing ever! Fun fact: When I lived alone I used to keep one under my bed as protection and I know as realistic as they look they aren't actually real but they're quite heavy and I'm sure a hard wack in the head with one would at least do a little damage...

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