03 July 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Aliens

I may have squealed just a little bit when I saw the topic for this week's #Fandom5 because aliens are definitely a long time love of mine and I could easily have named at least 5 more aliens I love there's just so many! Much love as always to The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick for creating 5 Fandom Friday and with that let's get onto the good stuff...

This guy is my first and always Superhero love, he's the epitome of good and something I always aspire to be. I have to admit although I don't keep up to date with his comic book adventures much anymore I still care very much for him as he was such a huge part of my childhood.

Speaking of childhood heroes I couldn't not mention E.T. I love this guy sooo much and am forever saying "Beee gooood" as well as the infamous "E.T, phone home" it's amazing that although I've seen this movie hundreds of time I still get really emotional at the end, how can you not love E.T.?

Created as a homage to E.T. this dude is the complete opposite and I kinda love it! I would love so much to hang out with Paul he's be so much damn fun and it would also be pretty cool to gain knowledge of the universe through his mind melding powers.

I love Stitch so much and Lilo & Stitch is high on my list of favourite Disney movies as it makes me smile so much through its sweet message of family and love, also Stitch reminds me so much of one of our old dogs it's ridiculous!

Galaxy Quest is my favourite Star Trek movie and it's because of these guys. I think Aliens sometimes get a bad rep (and yes there are some bad aliens in this movie to) but here we see a race of aliens that are so sweet natured and pure that they have absolutely no concept of lies and they're also highly intelligent I mean they took science fiction and made it science fact! What I love most about them though is their childlike excitement and positivity, I would happily welcome these guys to our planet any day even in their octopus like form... NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!

Check out the origins of #Fandom5 & feel free to join in on the Fandom Friday fun every week!
Love & Mashed Potatoes

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