29 May 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Characters You Most Identify With

Welcome to another Fandom Friday brought to you buy The Nerdy Girly & Super Space Chick. This week we have another awesome topic suggested by @SoMelificent. I probably identify more with fictional characters than real life people and because I'm such a weirdo I probably get a bit over excited when I see a character I love do or say something I can totally relate to...

"That's me that! That! That's me!"

Lisa Simpson
We like to refer to my brother as Bart Simpson because he was a pain in the ass when he was a kid which made me Lisa and I definitely could relate because I always had my head in a book and there was also that time when I was 6 years old I came home and declared myself a vegetarian although it didn't last very long because when you're six years old it's hard to have a serious debate with your parents... if only I was as smart as Lisa back then!  

Sansa Stark
I get fiercely defensive every time someone makes stupid derogatory comments about Sansa and I think it boils down to the fact that I see a lot of myself in her. Like Sansa I grew up believing in all those fairytales thinking life was all roses and lemon cakes (also my favourite!) until BAM reality hits and your world is thrown apart. Thankfully my shock into the real world was not as dramatic and horrible as Sansa's and although she may seen weak and stupid to some people, she's smart, she learns and is definitely one to watch out for which is something else I can relate to so don't underestimate me people!

Dean Winchester
I've been watching Supernatural for so long that I know what Dean is going to say before he even says it, we have the same silly sense of humour and also a brother named Sam. I think I identify the most with his love for his family because I definitely share that and my love for family. There have been many occasions when I have put the needs of my family before my own much like Dean and while it may not always be the right decision it's family! Luckily I don't have the fate of the world on my shoulders so I can just kick back with a movie and enjoy my pie at the end of the day.

Abed Nadir
This is kinda a recent revelation for me but as quirky and weird as Abed is I totally get him. Abed sees the world through movies and TV and can relate every situation back to them and I totally do that to although I didn't quite realise it till recently when after another awkward conversation with a workmate she said "You errrr like movies...." and then I had one of the flash camera zoom in moments when I realised OMG I'm the Abed of the group then cue montage of things I've done which relate back to Abed... even that sentence is very Abed, I also say cool, coolcoolcool a lot ok I'm going to stop because what if I'm an alternate reality version of Abed? This is just getting weird...

Daisy Steiner
Firstly Spaced is awesome and if you haven't seen it yet GO WATCH IT! Secondly my roomate in university used to call me Daisy and looking back I could totally see why because I would constantly procrastinate (still do) about work and start up random pointless projects (also still do). I think my addiction to crafting is definitely a symptom of my procrastination but at least I put it to some sort of good use right? Also I do tend to ramble on about things like Daisy and I am guilty of thinking of myself as intelligent when I'm clueless about most things also there's Colin the dog... yeah I'm pretty much IRL Daisy!

Check out the origins of #Fandom5 & feel free to join in on the Fandom Friday fun and share your faves.
Love & Cherry Pie

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