15 May 2015

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

Welcome to another Fandom Friday brought to you buy The Nerdy Girly & Super Space Chick. We took a week off and then I forgot all about last weeks but I am back to your regular Friday scheduling with this weeks topic suggested by @SoMelificent. I am a notorious binge watcher and have stayed up way past my bedtime of many an occasion watching TV. Every year in during Supernatural's "Hellatus" I will watch ever single season yeah so that's now 10 seasons I will binge my way through! But I thought for this Fandom 5 I would try to stay away from the obvious shows *cough* Game of Thrones *cough* and mention a few of my other fave shows I have binged my way through on more than a single occasion....

Everyone is talking about it and with good reason it's EXCELLENT! I have to admit this new dark violent take from Marvel threw me a bit but it's done so well and although I had to take a couple "happy breaks" when I first watched it I couldn't stop for long and now I'm watching it again, I goddamn love these avocados!

Princess Jellyfish
Anime is something I like to binge my way through although I'll admit I haven't watched any new stuff in a while not even the new Sailor Moon (I know!). There's only 11 episodes of this wonderful anime and you can easily watch them all in one night which I may or may not have done a few times but it's worth losing sleep over because it's such a beautiful and feel good show all about nerdy girls and awesome friendships.

Batman: The Animated Series
I like to binge the toons and this is my favourite ever take on the Batman world I remember watching this as a kid before school would start and I still put on a few episodes when I'm getting ready in the morning in fact they're so easy to go through sometimes forget myself and end up leaving the house later than I probably should have. This is also the show that gave birth to one of my favourite ever characters Harley Quinn so i you haven't seen it you better get on that and if you get the Blade Runner references that crop up a few times in the show I will love you even more.

So much love for Ai Yazawa I watch ParaKiss & NANA at least a couple times a year and it totally helps me when I'm going through melancholy times. NANA is my favourite anime the music, the story, the animation, the fashion, the characters I love every single part of this show and I relate to it so damn much it's ridiculous I'm a emotional mess when I watch but it's so beautiful I can't not watch. I've only read a few of the manga but as Ai Yazawa has yet to complete it I kinda don't want to because I'll just get impatient and want more and more and I already deal with enough of that from George RR Martin!

As much as I loved Buffy I think I loved Angel even more and this was my original binge watch TV series at university, I pretty much wore my VHS tapes re-watching it and I would spend all day with it on my TV while I was writing essays you wouldn't see me for days because I'd be in my room drinking coffee, eating ramen and watching Angel! Seriously if you're a Buffy or Joss Whedon fan and you haven't seen Angel yet what the heck are you doing go watch it now! And in case you're wondering yes I upgraded my VHS to DVDs and they're looking just as worn out now...

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