05 June 2014

#OOTD: The Batman

The Batman

It's kinda strange seeing Batman as a fashion trend but after suffering through many years of a lack of imaginative and feminine geek wear I totally welcome it, although I have to admit with all this awesome choice I'm feeling the need to hoard it all before it all goes away again.

The Batman

I'm pretty sure this sweater was part of a set of PJs from Primark as I found it on sale in that section but regardless of how it's meant to be worn it was £3 and awesome so I bought it (and a Captain America sweater). I missed out on these legging when they were for sale on Romwe but thanks to Cazz and her awesome giveaway I finally managed to make them a part of my "Bat Wardrobe" and I absolutely love them, I'm pretty sure I've read most of the Grant Morrison titles they feature to.

The Batman

This necklace was a gift made for me by my lovely friend Cally, I hardly ever buy jewellery so I'm lucky to have such awesome friends who seem to know exactly what I like, also when you make so much of your own jewellery you never really think to go out and buy it...

Love & Batarangs

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