21 June 2014

How I Lost Weight, Got Fit & Fabulous


Getting fit and healthy has been a real journey for me and I'm often shocked when I see photos of me from a few years ago because it's almost like seeing a different person. I've come a long way and it wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it! Only you can make a difference to your life and only you can feel the difference a healthy lifestyle brings, I had absolutely no idea how unfit I actually was until I made an effort to get fit and I never want to go back to that unhealthy feeling again.

The biggest change has been introducing exercise into my daily life, I try to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day but push myself to do an hour if I have the time. I also try to follow a varied workout plan (see below for links) so my body doesn't get used to the exercises but if I'm feeling tired or too achey I take it easy and give myself a break, as long as I make some sort of effort to get off my butt for a even a small part of the day it's all good.

For the past 6 months I've been following a few different workouts plans on YouTube in an effort to tone up and improve my strength. My gym is my front room and my weights are water bottles (although I've just invested in some 5lbs weights) so when I say anyone can do this I mean anyone. Exercise has also helped me in less obvious ways, I find myself a lot more happier and energized, I sleep better, I eat better, my periods are a lot less painful and surprisingly my weak knees which I used to use as an excuse for not exercising don't even bother me any more and the greatest thing is that I actually enjoy doing it. Exercise is no longer a chore it has become a habit, something that not only has improved my body but also my mind.

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I moaned for a very long time about my health, I was unhappy with myself and I always made excuses like I didn't have the time or I couldn't breathe or my knees were hurting or my ankles were weak but when push came to shove and I finally stopped moaning and did something I realised the biggest thing holding me back was myself and that I didn't have any excuses. For anyone who feels unhappy with themselves in any aspect of their life I totally encourage you to take that leap and make the change, block out those little voices and go for it your biggest enemy is yourself and you are stronger than you think just keep telling yourself everyday "I am strong and I feel like a goddamn superhero" and one day you will be!

Love & Sunshine

Workout Plans I've Completed

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