19 January 2014

The Most Delicious Places in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a really great city to explore it's full of amazing street art, quirky shops, cuddly polar bears and some of the nicest food I've had in a long time, so here are just a few of my favourite food places I found on my recent trip to Iceland...

Santa Karamba 
(Laugavegur 22)
I had a massive craving for some ridiculously spicy food to warm me up and popped into this place and OMG was it good, the food was amazing, the atmosphere super friendly and the prices were really reasonable! Anyone who knows me knows I eat a stupid amount of chilli and when I asked for some hot HOT sauce I got it, in fact I devoured the whole bowl of it much to the surprise of the chef, I'd definitely recommend this place it was the best food I had in Reykjavik and quite possibly the best Mexican food I've ever had!

Lebowski Bar
(Laugavegur 20a)
Dude is this place awesome, seriously when I heard that such a place existed I just had to go! I love quirky places like this and they went all out I mean there's even a bowling lane on the wall! I had the "Walter Burger" and it was surprisingly delicious and my first experience of a White Russian was pretty gosh darn good to, in fact if I didn't have to get up so early the next day I would have tried a few more things off their "White Russian Menu" but I'll save that for my next visit if I'm lucky enough to go again!

Icelandic Fish & Chips
(Tryggvagata 8)
Second time eating here and it did not disappoint, although the "skyronnes" are kinda weird the fish is freshly caught that day, delicious, super crispy and melts in your mouth. I decided to try the salad this time as it's kinda a rarity in Iceland and they grow it themselves and it was no joke one of the nicest salads I've ever had, so fresh and so delicious and it complimented the fish perfectly, definitely recommended if you're ever in Reykjavik!

Sushi Samba
(Þingholtsstræti 5)
Japanese and South American may sound like a strange mix but it makes for a great name and some great food to. I saw some drool worthy pictures of sushi from this place in a magazine that morning and made it my mission to eat there and it did not disappoint, the calamari was so good I ordered seconds, the salmon ceviche a plate of pure happiness and the big plate of sushi rolls I had intended to share I ended up devouring all to myself so that's a pretty good indication food there was daaaamn gooood!

Café Loki
(Lokastigur 28)
Traditional Icelandic food can be a bit daunting with the pickled whale and sheep heads but Café Loki has some nice options for those of you not so brave but would still like a taste of Iceland. I went with mashed fish and picked herring on rye bread and despite my reservations it was actually really nice the fish was yummy and not too over powering and the rye bread was the best I had (I ate rye bread pretty much every day I was in Iceland it was that good!) and the rye bread ice cream definitely worth a try whilst my Dad wasn't too keen I loved it and despite the freezing temperatures outside devoured it pretty damn quickly but the "Loki tea" warmed me up so much so I even bought a pack to bring home with me. Café Loki is located right next to the church so you get a really beautiful view whilst you enjoy your Icelandic delights.

Café Haiti
(Geirsgata 7)
Last time we were there in 2011 I had the smoked salmon lunch and it was delicious but this time came for the coffee. If I wasn't already full from breakfast I probably would have devoured some of the delicious cake they had on offer but the coffee here is worth the trip alone, the owner was actually roasting the coffee beans in the back while we were there which must explain why the coffee there is so damn good, it's such a nice relaxing place to I could've spent all day there so if you're a coffee fan I definitely recommend you give this place a try.

Cookies & Coffee

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