05 January 2014

A Trip to Asgard (Hallgrímskirkja)

During my latest trip to Iceland a visit to Hallgrímskirkja was a must, although I saw it at a distance on my last trip I didn't get the chance to see it up close, luckily it was just a short walk away from where we were staying and seeing it up close somehow reminded me of Asgard...


It's a very beautiful church and I'd like to think that they took inspiration from it for the Thor movies as Iceland is very proud of its Norse roots and you can find all sorts of Viking related stuff around the city much to my delight!

The inside of Hallgrímskirkja is just as beautiful as the outside, there is a magnificent organ which must sound amazing and some beautiful stained glass windows, whilst there I decided to light a candle for my Nanna as she's been through a tough year and I knew even though she says she's not religious anymore it was something she would do if she was there.


But the highlight of Hallgrímskirkja has to be the view from the top, for 700k ($5/£3) you can take a lift to the top of the church and get a beautiful view of the Reykjavik, we were lucky to get there just as the sun was setting and the view was just breathtaking.

I was such a perfect way to start our trip, Iceland is such a beautiful country which never fails to amaze me and they'll be more on my adventures in the land of ice and fire soon!

Snowflakes & Hot Chocolate

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