05 December 2013

The Last Comic Con of 2013

My last comic con of 2013 also happened to be my first UK con this year, San Diego is pretty damn insane compared to any UK con but they're definitely getting more popular here and I'm happy to see a lot more people are cosplaying to these events now including me!

I bought this jacket in July and shortly after was introduced to the Young Avengers, naturally I just had to do a Miss America outfit, so out came the fabric paints and on went the stars. I kinda love that America's style is basically American flags on everything as I could probably dress as her every day of the week!

Daryl Dixon Winged Vest Tutorial coming soon!
I also met the cast of Red Dwarf again and it's always a pleasure to see them as they are such nice people although this was my first time meeting Danny John-Jules AKA The Cat and although I love all these guys The Cat was always one of my favourites, so I was super excited to finally meet him.

We also went to the Red Dwarf panel which was great fun, they're so funny and I loved hearing about the stuff that they get up to on set, also Chris Barrie does pretty damn good impressions of his fellow cast mates and he even did his Mr. Brittas voice at one point, hilarious!

And then I spotted the Funko booth and went a bit crazy, ok not too crazy I only bought 2 figures (I'd already bought 7 Game of Thrones figures earlier that week...) but I probably got a bit over excited when I saw it and the giant Daryl Dixon Funko and the Funko Christmas Tree and the DEAN WINCHESTER FUNKO that's on its way soon!!

I promised myself no more comics until I finished the pile sitting in the corner of The Batcave but when I saw a bunch of Before Watchmen comics for 50p each I was done and then I happened to notice the Skottie Young variant cover of X-Men #1 which I've been wanting to read and of course I couldn't leave without getting some Captain America, so I picked up Theater of War... I have no self-control at these thing but all in all it was a nice chilled out con to end the year with and I can't wait till con season 2014 starts!

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