10 December 2013

Oh, You Pretty Thing!

David Bowie is 110% awesome so I thought I would get out the make-up and pay homage to one of my idols by re-creating one of his iconic looks. I'm definitely no expert when it comes to make-up but I love having fun with it and trying new things and although it's not quite perfect I'm happy with the way it turned out and I'd love another excuse to try this out again sometime!

Becoming Bowie was the perfect excuse to try out these awesome blue lenses from Pinky Paradise, they're surprisingly more comfortable than my regular lenses and actually make my eyes look blue so I'll definitely be back for more, maybe I'll get myself some red ones to try out...

Look kids I made a video, I wanted to try something different although I'm still very much a make-up/video making noob but let me know what you think and I may try to make more, also stay tuned till the end of the video for bonus make-up mishaps.

Red Shoes & Goblin Kings

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