10 September 2013


When I heard all my favourite characters were going to be at Comic Con this year I made it my mission to see them! After missing out twice on seeing Kit Harrington doing panels on Thursday and the queue for the Friday Game of Thrones panel already starting Thursday afternoon I thought I would try my luck at getting tickets for the signing...

I came, I saw, I CONQUERED, I still cannot believe how lucky I was to get into the signing there were only a few tickets left in the draw by the time it was my turn and I got a winning one! This was my number one goal of Comic Con and I never ever imagined that it would actually happen, I was so excited!

Between the 6:30am ticket drawing and the 4:45pm signing I had quite a lot of time to kill so after exploring the Exhibition Hall I decided to go find the Game of Thrones #JoinTheRealm exhibition, which I'll talk about later, after I found Violet I took a second trip there for more freebies and on our way back to the con we ran into a familiar face...

David Bradley how awesome is that!? AND he totally remembered me from our previous meeting "Of course you were the one who warned me about it all" he smiled at me "although I didn't quite realise it would be that bad, luckily I haven't received any death threats yet" he laughed. He's such a nice guy in real life I'm so happy he's finally playing a much loved character, I wished him luck for the Doctor Who panel he shook my hand and said "nice meeting you again" and then it was time for the signing.

As we were waiting to be let in Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs to take photos of the mass of people that had crowded around the booth to catch a glimpse of the cast, at that point I started to get really excited I was just moments away from meeting my favourite people from my favourite show ever!

Before I left I made some Direscarves to give to Kit (Jon Snow) and Richard (Robb "The King in the North" Stark" but even before we got into the signing security were all no personal items, you can't take videos or photos, you can't give them anything and keep the line moving so I came up with a Plan B and decided to wear the scarves then just quickly take them off to give to the boys.

As I worked my way around the signing table everyone noticed and complimented my scarves, I told Emilia (Daenerys) that I'd have to work on a dragon one for her and she got super excited and Esmé (Ros) said she would totally buy one off me which was sweet.

Kit noticed straight away they they were Ghost and Grey Wind then I told him I has actually made Ghost especially for him and could I give it to him and he looked so surprised and said yes please do and that it was amazing and he would treasure it forever.

Richard looked so happy when I gave him Grey Wind and I was over the moon that they actually liked them and that I finally got to give my Direscarves to their rightful owners it was just the best day ever!

Before I had to move Richard asked me if I was from England and when he said where I replied "THE NORTH!" which made him laugh and as it turns out I'm actually not too far away from a certain Samwell Tarley as I found out swiftly before I was booted out of the line that we actually went to the same university!

Special big hugs to Violet for taking all these awesome photos for me and although my time was brief it was so amazing to meet the cast and George, every single person I've met from Game of Thrones has been so kind and so friendly I feel really lucky and I hope one day we'll cross paths again, bring on the next Comic Con!

Next time more Game of Thrones fun at the #JoinTheRealm exhibition
Dreams & Direwolves

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