25 September 2013

Applecakes a la Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones Cookbook is  probably one of my favourite cookbooks so far everything I've made from it has been a big success and these Applecakes are and I quote from my expert baker Nan "the best cakes you've ever made" and believe me that is pretty high praise!

Apple picking season is one of my favourite times of year, I have happy memories growing up and playing in apple tree in my Nan's garden, climbing up the branches to get that sweet juicy apple at the top, but unfortunately earlier this summer that tree was cut down due to disease which I was heartbroken about because it was my favourite tree and those apples were the best thing ever but my Nan let me chose a new one so I went with a variety of apples called Katy apples.

We didn't have a lot of apples this year but enough to make a few special things so I just had to try out another Game of Thrones recipe, these are the modern day version of Applecakes, I wasn't quite brave enough to try making dough yet although bread is definitely on my list of things to make this winter, but I could totally see these being one of Sansa's favourites.

The soft apple sponge and the crunchy, sweet topping compliment each other so well, it's not something that I've thought of doing before but it's definitely something I will be keeping in mind for future bakes, I honestly can't praise these enough they're definitely worth trying out and if you don't believe me then take it from my Nan BEST.CAKES.EVER!!

Apples & Lemons

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