31 January 2013

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (January 2013)

A new year is upon us and the first month is already over how has your 2013 been so far? I feel like 2013 hasn't really started for me yet as I'm still feeling the effects of 2012, I haven't even thought about what I'd like to accomplish this year! I am slowly starting to get into the right frame of mind as there's so much great advice out there so check out these links for some inspiration.

 Make 2013 The Beast Year Ever - Love these resolutions and have already started to introduce a few into my daily life and you should to!

 7 Things To Remember When People Don't Support You

 Beat the Freshman 15 - Even if you're not starting college this year these tips are great for everyone and sure to keep you healthy.

 Being Kind - I love this story about random acts of kindness, a small thing can brighten someone's day and I think we should all make an effort to be more kind to each other.

 The Pressure To Be Naturally Perfect

 Superfoods - I haven't been as healthy as I've wanted to this month but I've decided that February I'm going to get back on the health train so I will definitely be trying these out!

 Candid Thoughts On Ethically Produced Clothing - This is definitely something that has been on my mind for a few years now and one of the reasons I've changed my shopping habits. I love supporting independent and handmade designers even if they cost slightly more especially because I'm part of that community and the fact that bigger brands are starting to make that change to is amazing!

 Time To Chose Your Own Adventure For 2013

 10 Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing - These are some great tips, every so often I find myself in a creative rut but I find once I unplug and have a bit of "me time" my brain is full of ideas again!

 Good Ideas Take Time - This is so true and there are some really great tips here which actually work, sometimes you just have to take a break to come at something with new eyes.

 Work, Life And Side Projects

 Buy Nothing New For A Month - Sometimes I feel like I want to throw out everything I own and just live clutter free so I'm loving these tips although some of them are only relevant to Austraila I'm sure we can all take something useful away from it.

 How To Optimize Your Instagram - I've been kinda confused about what to do with my Instagram (and Facebook) lately after all the "changes" they announced so these tips offer up some great advice for creating a place that's interesting and appealing.

 What Kind Of People Are Writers?

 How To Dress Glamorously Without Attracting Unwanted Attention? - Love this advice from Dita Von Teese it's so true, never be discouraged from dressing they way you want to dress!

 The Art Of Being Happily Single - If you find yourself celebrating another Valentine's Day along then do not be sad being single is one of the best things in the world so make the most of it and celebrate you!

 Five Must-Do Workouts For Cold Weather Fan

 Apple Plush Pillow Tutorial - We all want something to cuddle up to in this cold weather and this is just adorable!

 How To Stay Focused When Working From Home - Anyone who works at home knows how easily distracted you can get so a schedule is great thing to have!

 Dealing with Change: How to Hold on when the World is Spinning

 Do You Have A Frankencloset? - I'm all about de-cluttering and these are some great tips on how to get your closets purged and organised


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