29 January 2013

Read, Watch, Wear, Play

One of the biggest lessons I've learnt this month is that every so often I need to give myself a time out, shut myself off from the word and just enjoy some unadulterated me time. There's nothing quite like time to yourself to just read a good book or watch some TV or partake in some fun gaming time so I thought I would share a few of the different things I've been relaxing to and enjoying this month.

This has been sitting in my "to read" pile since September and I've only recently had the time to sit down and enjoy it and boy did I enjoy it! Batwoman is such an amazing character and this story just broke my heart it's so emotional. The artwork is amazing I love how disjointed and manic the frames are for Batwoman in costume compared to when she's out of costume and the subtle use of sepia tones to represent the flashbacks. This is definitely one of the best graphic novels I've read in a while so I totally recommend it!

Breaking Bad
I can't believe I've waited until now to watch this especially now it's ending (booooo!). Breaking Bad is one of those shows that seemed to escape my radar for a long time but after hearing so many people sing it's praises I gave it a try and I LOVE it, it's hilarious, heartbreaking, exciting and introspective all at the same time, I highly recommend this to anyone but just be warned it's more addictive than meth!

I've been blessed with naturally long lashes but sometimes I need a little help making them look fuller and this mascara works an absolute treat. I've had this sitting in a drawer for months now but only recently started using it and it has quickly become one of my faves, I use it almost daily! What I love the most about it is that it has a lot of fibres which will give you a fuller look and the brush is so soft yet full and does a great job at keeping my lashes separate giving that extra full effect, amazing!

The Walking Dead Game
iTunes recently had the first chapter of this game for free so I decided after hearing the amazing reviews it got to give it a try and now I understand the hype. I love these sort of games which don't follow a linear path but take into account the decisions you make and completely immerse you into the game, if fact when I first played it I got so immersed into the game that I nearly had a panic attack when that first zombie came after me! I haven't played too much of the game yet but so far I love it, the storyline is so awesome that you are almost literally living out an episode of the show and I love that they included one of my favourite characters Glen into the game. I can't wait to see how my journey ends although I'm trying to take my time with this one as I just don't want it to end, but the great thing is that one difference decision can affect the whole game so it's definitely got that re-playable factor! Have any of you guys played it yet? What do you think?

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