05 October 2012

Elizabethan Lemon Cakes

Inn At The Crossroads is one of my favourite Game of Thrones blogs, I just love how they bring all that delicious food that's mentioned in the books to life, so when I heard that they were publishing an official Game of Thrones cookbook it just had to be mine!

Lemon Cakes were the first thing I had to make not only because I love lemony cakes in general but because they are probably the most popular food mentioned in the book and I adore Sansa Stark so really wanted to make her favourite treat.

The Elizabethan version (as they have a modern day version of each recipe to) is surprisingly really easy to make and I had so much dough that I managed to make over 50 cakes and to add an extra zing to the cakes I decided to use lemon juice instead of milk in the icing which worked out really well.

All the Lemon Cakes were gobbled up in less than a few days so needless to say they were absolutely delicious and I shall be making them again as they make the perfect tea time snacks. So Thrones fans go out and get your copy of A Feast of Ice and Fire now because the food is just as good as the books!

Lamprey Pie & Honey Wine

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