26 October 2012

Beauty Blitz: 5 October Faves

I've started to slightly change my beauty routine now the weather is starting to get much colder as I find in the winter I have to use more heavy duty products as my skin seems to dry out quite fast. I'm also slowly working my way through my summer beauty haul although I still have a lot of old products lying around which I want to use up, so here are a few of my faves for this month.

Skinfood Apple Cinnamon BB Cream
An accidental purchase as I picked up which I was about to return but as the tube is "purse-sized" I thought I would keep it and try it out and I'm glad I did as I loved it. This was definitely a lucky find and it doesn't have that strong smell that some of the other Skinfood BB creams have, is perfectly light and the shade matched my skin tone nicely, so it worked out great and kept me protected and looking fresh throughout the summer and into the winter. 

Laura Mercier One-Step Cleanser
My skin is going through that seasonal transitional phase where one day it's really dry and the next it's greasy and this is one of the products I keep on hand for those times as it works out great for creating a nice balance. I use this mostly at night as it's great for removing make-up (although not heavy make-up)  and although this was a really pricey purchase for me, considering I've had it over two years and I've still got a third of it left it's worked out as great value for money!

The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream
I have a whole stash of The Body Shop's shower creams mostly citrus scented but the scent of this just reminds me of autumn days and I love it. It has a nice creamy texture to compared to the others so leaves my skin nice and moisturised.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish
I haven't bought nail polish in a long time but I ran out of black and spotted this one on sale in the supermarket and decided to try it out and I actually really like them. One of my fave things about this nail polish is the brush which gives great nail coverage and it also dries really quickly which is great for me as I'm so impatient and normally end up chipping or smudging them within the hour. They've got a great choice of colours to so I'll definitely be getting more the next time I see them!

Nivea Extra Whitening Deodorant Stick
I very rarely use deodorant as I never really need to and also because the skin under my arms is so sensitive and gets aggravated easy by perfumed products. Whilst I was in Thailand though I thought I needed something with the hot weather and inevitable sweatiness so I picked this up and it worked out really well for me. It actually has lightened my skin slightly and it does an awesome job of not only keeping me less sweaty under there but keeping me moisturised to which is always a problem for me. The tube is HUGE so there's plenty of product in there to last me a long time so I don't have to worry about it running out before I go back to Thailand.

What products have you been loving this month? Be sure to share in the comments
Love & Lavender

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